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Clinical Calculators


A-a Gradient Calculator

ABG Interpretation 

Calculating an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC
ANC Calculator

Body Mass Index

BSA and dose calculator from MedicineWorld.Org
BSA Chemo Dose

Carboplatin AUC

Creatinine Clearance

GFR Calculator
(Use for Contrast Media Pts. and  pre-cath orders)

Cardiac Output - Fick Formula 

Free Water Deficit

Glasgow Coma Score 

Oncology Stat - Chemo Regimens
Chemotherapy Regimens

(if no Hgb available use default on peds pt of 12)
Pediatric Dosing - Anesthesia and Emergency Meds

Pounds to Kilograms

Scientific Calculator

Parkland Formula - %Burn Est 

Pediatric Dosing

Pediatric Fluid Calculation
Pediatric IV Fluid Needs 

Pharmacy Phone Numbers and Locations
Pharmacy Finder

QT Calculator -
Corrected for HR

Estimated Due Date






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