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High School Students 14-17 years old
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High School Students 14-17 years old

During the school year, we only accept teens who:

High School Volunteers

  • volunteered in our Summer Teen Program and wish to volunteer after school or on weekends and holidays.
  • are enrolled in the EBCE program or a Community Service class that allows the student to leave during the school day complete service.
  • are Home-schooled students.

If you need a just a few service hours, please click on "Casual Community Service" in the left hand column and consider completing a few craft projects to meet those hours.

Service by Teens

Did you know?

  • Some schools offer academic credit for volunteer work through "Service Learning?"
  • Colleges are looking for well-rounded students...those who have participated in extra-curricular activities, and community service?
  • Volunteering can enhance your resume'?  Your volunteer work will demonstrate that you have practical skills, can function in a work environment and that you care about your community.

Our teen volunteer program is offered to students ages 14 - 18. This is a great place for a teen to "try out" a possible career choice.

Summer Teen Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering during the summer, you are highly encouraged to to contact the Volunteer Office in late April/early May.
Volunteering starts in the first or second week of June depending on the local school schedules.

If you would like to be added to our contact list for our Summer Program, please call the Volunteer Office at 313-1290.

Community Service Students

If you are enrolled in a Community Service class at your school, you may choose Saint Joseph as one of your placement sites. See your Community Service Coordinator for more information.

EBCE Students

Click on the EBCE link in the left hand column and see your EBCE teacher for more information.

Acceptance of a teen for volunteer service at Saint Joseph HealthCare will depend upon the teen’s ability to meet the requirements of the volunteer services program. After acceptance, volunteer assignments are made according to interest, availability, and ability to fulfill requirements and designated hours.

The application process, paperwork requirements, volunteer hours and orientation will differ depending on which of the above categories the teen fits into.

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