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Social Workers

Financial assistance, resource coordination and basic counseling.

Oncology social work is the primary professional discipline that provides psychosocial services to the patients, families and significant others facing the impact of a potential or actual diagnosis of cancer (AOSW).  Our Social Work team has a combined 37 years of medical social work experience.  As Masters prepared social workers, they can provide you and your family the following assistance:

1. Financial assistance to patients and families

  • Education and assistance with application process for Social Security disability and SSI.
  • Education and assistance with application process for Medicaid, Medicaid Spenddown and Medicaid QMB.
  • Medicare Part D counseling with on-line enrollment and application assistance for Extra Help.
  • Assistance with application process for prescription assistance and co-pay assistance programs.
  • Resource coordination for basic needs (food, clothing, furniture, utilities) through community agencies and church organizations.)
  • Assistance with obtaining transportation (cab, wheelchair van, ambulance) and method of payment (Medicaid vouchers, Road to Recovery).
  • Lodging assistance.

2.Counseling services for patients and families

  • Provide basic counseling for psychosocial needs related to cancer.
  • Provide options for psychosocial support and facilitate selected assistance for mental health diagnosis or psychopathology beyond situational depression or anxiety: assist with initial appointment with community mental health provider, link patient with mental health network provided by their mental medical insurance, support group referral and/or explore EAP opportunities.
  • Educate regarding advanced directives and facilitate living wills, health care surrogate designation, DNR/EMS forms.
  • Crisis intervention.

3.Facilitation of continuity of care

  • Provide education regarding home health care, private duty, durable medical equipment, hospice and other community resources (transportation, home-delivered meals) as well as reimbursement for these services.

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