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Saint Joseph Breast Center Screening Recommendation

The Saint Joseph Breast Center physicians, Drs. Brown, Kenney and Stigers, offer the following information in regard to the recent USPSTF government task force guidelines for screening mammography.

The recent announcement from the government appointed task force (USPSTF) recommends decreasing the frequency of mammography screening and limiting the ages included in screening programs.  This was based on a cost/benefit analysis focused on the economics of screening mammography for the general population, not based on individualized health care.

We strongly support the unwavering recommendation for annual mammography beginning at age 40 endorsed by the following organizations:

The American Cancer Society (ACS)
The American Medical Association (AMA)
The American College of Radiology (ACR)
Society of Breast Imaging (SBI)

The recommendation of these societies is based on decades of research and evidence based data. We, along with the ACS and others, place a high value on detecting breast cancer early.

We affirmatively recommend annual screening mammography beginning at age 40 for all women.


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