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Untreated Rabies May Not Be Lethal for All, Study Says
Some have natural resistance to infection from bat bites, researchers report
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
Pets May Help Kids With Autism Develop Social Skills
Study found if animal came into home after child was born, communication improved
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
Depression Could Shorten Cancer Survival, Study Suggests
Screening for mental health should be part of standard care, experts say
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
Breast Cancer Drug Duo Wins Out in Study
Combining two currently used meds improved survival, reduced disease spread
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
Many Americans in Denial Over Weight Gain: Study
While average adult weight rose in 2008-2009, most surveyed thought they'd dropped pounds
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
Caffeine May Help Treat Parkinson's Disease
Three cups of coffee daily seems to ease motor symptoms, study finds
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
Boys' Impulsiveness May Add Up to Edge in Math
Because they're risk-takers, they get more practice, researchers say
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
Evidence Grows That Cancer Has Its Own Stem Cells
Three new studies in mice may explain why some tumors resist aggressive treatment
08/01/2012   12:00 AM
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