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Language Services at Saint Joseph Health System was created in 2001 in response to the LEP (Limited English Proficient) patients we serve every day. Federal law (Title VI) requires us, as an entity who receives federal funds, to provide free and qualified interpretation in the patient's preferred language. Failure to provide these services may result in the loss of federal reimbursements, currently more than 50 percent of our revenues.

Free services mean that either our staff interpreter (Spanish), our over-the-phone interpreter service (CyraCom) or our contracted service to be used in instances where the phone does not suffice (Accipio Language Services, phone 859.288.5133) MUST be offered to our Limited English Proficient patients and supplied throughout the patient's hospital stay.

Qualified services mean the person is fully bilingual and bicultural and has been trained in medical terminology and in the art of interpreting.  Patients can use their own interpreter at the discretion of the Saint Joseph Health System staff.

For further information regarding Language Services, contact Lynn Fors at 859.313.1510.

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