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Language Services

Communication is the cornerstone of quality, patient-centered health care.  In order to provide meaningful access to ALL of our services,

Saint Joseph has contracted with over-the-phone (OPI) and on-site medical interpreters.  The OPI service is available 24/7 and in over 150 languages.  Spanish and sign language interpreters can arrive in 30-60 minutes.

The patient, family members and caretakers all have the RIGHT to qualified and/or licensed medical interpreters.  All registration and clinical personnel can arrange for these free services.  We strongly discourage the use of family and friends as medical interpreters.  We suggest that you take on the role of supportive presence and leave the medical interpretation up to us.  Our policies prohibit the use of a child as medical interpreter unless faced with an emergency situation.

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to arrange for these services in advance, please call the Language Services office at 859.313.1510.

You may leave your message in any language and we will respond in your preferred language.

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