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Post Biopsy Instructions

Instructions Following Core Needle Biopsy

  • A small amount of bleeding frequently occurs in the first 24 hours following the procedure.
  • Bruising and mild aching are expected in all patients.
  • If you experience severe pain or have continuous bleeding, you need to seek medical assistance. If this occurs when the Breast Center is open, please call us at 859.967.5613. After hours, proceed to the nearest medical facility such as an urgent treatment center or an emergency room.
  • If you notice bleeding today, apply firm pressure and ice to the breast for 20 minutes up to three times. Ice without pressure may be used to relieve discomfort.
  • You may use Tylenol 500 milligrams every four to six hours for pain, if needed.
  • Do not perform strenuous activities for the rest of the day and tomorrow. You may return to work immediately if such activities are not involved.
  • Keep the needle insertion site dry for the rest of the day. If the dressing becomes soaked with blood, remove it and replace with a new dressing. You may take a shower tomorrow morning. There is no need for any dressing after 48 hours.
  • If drainage, swelling and/or redness occur around the biopsy site and persists for longer than two days please call us.
  • The results of the core biopsy are typically available two working days after it was performed.  We will call you with these results.  If you have not heard from us please call the Breast Center on the third working day.
  • If you had a vacuum assisted core breast biopsy a clip (marker) was placed into the biopsy cavity. The mammogram performed after the biopsy confirmed the placement of this clip for future monitoring.

After a benign breast biopsy, we recommend a followup mammogram or ultrasound in 6 months.


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