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Cardiac Rehabilitation Center
Cardiac Rehabilitation FAQs

Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

Saint Joseph Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is an outpatient program designed to assist those with heart disease with an individualized treatment plan in a safe and secure environment. Key components to success are exercise and lifestyle modification education. Our professional staff, including a cardiologist, exercise physiologist and registered nurses, use a team approach to work with you and your family to reduce your risk factors.

Phase I: Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation
While still in the hospital after a cardiac event (heart attach, angioplasty, bypass surgery), Saint Joseph staff will provide education about heart disease, such as signs and symptoms, dos and don'ts at home, and medication instruction. Follow-up planning is provided for transition to outpatient care and Phase II.

Phase II: Early Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation
Typically starting two weeks after an event, this phase emphasizes reducing heart disease risk-factors through focused education, counseling and exercise. Experienced cardiac nurses provide heart monitoring and personalized supervision during exercise in the outpatient facility. This phase is covered by most insurance plans and Medicare Part B.

Phase III: Maintenance & Prevention
Beginning within two to three months after an event, this phase provides a low-cost, safe alternative to traditional gyms during recovery. Rehabilitation staff manages member compliance with lifestyle changes through regularly scheduled follow-ups and continuing education.

Saint Joseph Cardiac Rehabilitation Center offers advanced exercise equipment, including treadmills, bikes, free weights and a multi-gym weight system. As you work through each phase we are here, not only for supervision, but also encouragement and support.

Ask your cardiologist or family physician for a referral to Saint Joseph Cardiac Rehab or call 859.313.4793.

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