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Corporate Health Services

Corporate Health Services provides comprehensive wellness programs to employers served by the Saint Joseph and Flaget facilities.

We offer a diverse menu of services including:

  • Onsite health screenings and educational programs
  • Executive Physical Program for time-pressed corporate leaders
  • Executive Registry to facilitate medical access worldwide for traveling executives

Promoting employee health is a proven key to controlling health care costs. Corporate Health Services can tailor a program to match your workforce health needs, from the front lines to the executive suite. Our on-site health risk assessments and screenings help identify health issues early on, when they may be most treatable. Education and behavior modification programs include services ranging from smoking cessation and weight loss classes to flu shots - whatever your company needs to make an impact on employee health.

We provide resources for your employees to achieve healthier, more productive lives -wherever they fall on the health spectrum. Our goal is to give employees who have poor health practices and high risk factors the knowledge and support they need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, while encouraging those with good health habits to continue these practices.

Contact us to learn more about our services at 859.221.7107.

Learn more about our offerings and the program at our YouTube channel.

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