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Medical Weight Loss Program

The Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Saint Joseph East also offers a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program for patients that are not candidates for weight loss surgery. This may include patients that have less than 100 pounds to loose, patients that would like additional attempts at diet for weight loss prior to considering surgery and patients that would like to lower their weight prior to surgery.

All patients are seen for medical evaluation by our internal medicine physicians and co-morbidities of their excess body weight are identified. Screening laboratory work is ordered for baseline health assessment.

Each patient will undergo body composition analysis and determination of resting metabolic rate. This allows us to exactly determine your caloric needs.

Our Registered Dietician will provide one on one dietary assessment and counseling. Food preferences are discussed. A custom weight loss program and diet is recommended using both food supplements and menu planning.

Each patient is followed at intervals individually tailored to the patient's needs and rate of weight loss. Periodic re-evaluation of body composition and metabolic rate allow us to maximize the efficiency of weight loss.

Patients also may have access to our Exercise Physiologist at our very private in-office gym for exercise recommendations, and are also invited to participate in our exercise program.

Updated progress of a patient's success may be sent to primary care physicians on request.

Please contact our Center for Weight Loss Surgery Registered Dietician, Amanda, to schedule an appointment for evaluation. 859.967.5520.


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