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Core Experiences:

Diabetes Management (2 weeks)
The resident will develop skills necessary to make informed pharmacotherapeutic decisions and provide comprehensive clinical pharmacy services to diabetes patients at Saint Joseph East.  The resident will round with Saint Joseph East's Diabetes Educator and become familiar with diabetes guidelines and management while participating in patient, family, and healthcare professional education.

Internal Medicine (4 weeks)
The resident will acquire knowledge related to common disease states in hospitalized patients while rounding with an Internal Medicine physician.  Various topics that are covered include: infectious disease, Asthma/COPD, renal disease, anemia, VTE prophylaxis, anticoagulation management, seizures, Parkinson's disease, pain management, and nutrition.  The resident provides complete clinical pharmacy services to each patient on the Internal Medicine service including the formulation and management of a pharmacotherapeutic plan.

Critical Care (4 weeks)
The resident will develop skills including identification of therapeutic needs of the critically ill patient, reviewing medication profiles, monitoring for efficacy and toxicity, and providing medication recommendations and interventions in collaboration with the healthcare team.

Pharmacy Practice Management (4 weeks)
The resident will be introduced to the leadership role of pharmacy management.  The resident will become confident in such aspects of management as pharmacy and medication security, personnel management, patient safety, and regulatory compliance. The resident will manage and improve one or more aspects of the medication-use process and exercise leadership and practice management skills.

Antimicrobial Management Team Service/Infectious Diseases (4 weeks)
Residents will participate in daily AMT service activities including prospective review of culture and susceptibility data for patients receiving broad-spectrum and/or restricted antimicrobial agents. Residents will also provide support and recommendations for the selection and streamlining of antimicrobial therapy. Additional activities include a one-week microbiology lab rotation, rounding with the ID consult service, participation in weekly ID topic discussions, and presentation of an ID journal club and lecture. This experience is offered off-site at Saint Joseph Hospital.

Cardiology (4 weeks)
The resident will become familiar with the management of common cardiac diseases.  Areas of emphasis include: acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, coronary artery disease, interventional cardiology, hypertension, anticoagulation, arrhythmias, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles, core measures.  This rotation is designed to provide the resident with the tools to help integrate knowledge of cardiovascular guidelines and specific patient parameters into an individual evidence-based therapeutic plan.

Long-term Acute Care (4 weeks)
The resident will provide clinical pharmacy services to patients that are admitted from outside hospitals for completion of antibiotic therapy, rehab, or ventilator weaning.  Given the average length of stay of 25 days, the resident will have an abundance of opportunities for pharmacokinetic monitoring, anticoagulation consults, and overall pharmacotherapy management of complex pharmacotheapeutic regimens.

Elective Experiences:

Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)
The resident will provide clinical pharmacy services to patients in the Emergency Department. Area of emphasis include: toxicology, cardiology, infectious disease, neurology, kinetics, medication reconciliation, various consultations, ACLS, proactive medication error prevention.  The resident will also complete a quality improvement project to improve the care of patients at Saint Joseph East.  The resident will attend daily rounds with the ED physician or their assistant and be exposed to the different patient care issues unique to the ED.

Pulmonary Medicine (4 weeks)
The resident will attend daily rounds with a Pulmonologist at Saint Joseph East.  The resident will gain further understanding of basic pulmonary pathophysiology and identify the unique therapeutic needs of pulmonary patients.  The resident will gain insight into the management of common pulmonary diseases and become familiar with evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of such diseases.

Surgery (4 weeks)
The resident will become familiar with the pharmacologic management issues of surgical patients.  The resident will provide clinical pharmacy services to surgical patients from admission until discharge with a focus on the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) measures and medication reconciliation.

Cardiothoracic Surgery (4 weeks)
This experience allows the resident to refine practice skills in general critical care and post cardiac surgical patient management while providing pharmacy directed services to a 22-bed cardiothoracic vascular intensive care unit and a 12-bed coronary care unit.  The population includes patients that have undergone cardiac surgeries such as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and valve replacement, thoracic surgeries such as partial or total lung resections secondary to malignancies, vascular surgeries as well as cardiology patients.  This experience is offered off-site at Saint Joseph Hospital.

Neonatology (4 weeks)
This experience allows the resident to gain experience in providing pharmaceutical services to the unique neonate patient population. The resident will attend daily rounds with the Neonatologist at The Women's Hospital at Saint Joseph East. Topic discussions will focus on the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia, fluid and electrolyte management, nutrition, neonatal growth and metabolism, and infants of mothers with diabetes.

Pain Management (4 weeks)
The resident will round with the Pain Management/Palliative Care physicians and extenders throughout both Saint Joseph East and the Continuing Care Hospital. Emphasis will be placed on pharmacology of pain management medications, non-pharmacologic strategies of pain management, and various drug delivery systems employed in this population.

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