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Flaget Center for Weight Loss Surgery
Robert Joseph Farrell, M.D., FACS
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Bariatric Program Steps

Flaget Center for Weight Loss Surgery located in Bardstown, Kentucky provides you with a comprehensive bariatric program tailored to your individual weight loss needs.

Your Bariatric Program Steps - What to Expect:

  1. Attend a Free Informational Seminar, and if interested in proceeding, complete the Data Sheet in your folder and leave the data sheet at the seminar.
  2. The Bariatric Team will review your information to determine if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery. Your insurance benefits will be checked to see if you have coverage for the procedures. We will assist with this process; however, it is the patient's responsibility to verify insurance benefits.
  3. The Bariatric Team will then contact you to discuss your case. Once the RemedyMD questionnaire has been completed, you will be given an appointment with the surgeon for further evaluation.
  4. The Bariatric Pre-Operative Questionnaire found in your seminar packet must be completed in full and turned in at your first appointment. MISSING OR INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL DELAY THE PROCESS.
  5. At your initial office visit, the surgeon will discuss your bariatric questionnaire, your candidacy for the procedures, and the pre-operative tests you will need. The program fee of $150.00 will be due at this visit.
  6. You will need to actively participate in a multidisciplinary weight loss program which includes, but is not limited to nutritional, emotional, and exercise counseling.
  7. Requested documentation will be sent to your insurance company for precertification. Please keep in mind that preadmission testing will not be done until we receive precertification for your procedure. Please be patient, this process generally takes two to four weeks.
  8. You will be contacted by the Bariatric team when we receive notice from your insurance company regarding their decision.
  9. Upon approval from your insurance company, you will be contacted to schedule your appointments for pre-operative testing, your pre-operative visit with the surgeon, and your surgery date will be confirmed. At this time, any deductible amount which has not been met will be due for payment to the Flaget Business office. A payment plan will be compiled for any estimated co-insurance amount. This step must be completed prior to the pre-operative visit with the surgeon.
  10. At your pre-operative visit, the surgeon will discuss with you the results of your pre-operative testing, and answer any questions that you may have.
  11. You will schedule to return to the surgeon's office in two weeks after your surgery for a post-operative check up.

Our Specialized Support Services

  • Pre- and post-surgical education
  • Individual dietary counseling
  • Pre- and post-operative dietary instruction
  • Exercise Physiologist one-on-one sessions
  • Private in-office gym

For more information about Flaget Center for Weight Loss Surgery, or to register for a free introductory seminar, call 502.350.5492.

Flaget Center for Weight Loss Surgery
4305 New Shepherdsville Road
Bardstown, Kentucky 40004


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