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Cardiac Rehabilitation FAQ
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Cardiac Rehabilitation FAQ

When do I begin the program?

You and your physician will decide this. Some physicians will want a stress test prior to a patient starting rehab. Patients who have had angioplasty and stent placement, heart attack (MI) or stable angina can start within a couple of weeks. Patients who have had a heart bypass (CABG) or valve replacement/repair usually start four weeks after surgery.

How long does the cardiac rehab program last?

The formal Phase II program generally lasts 12 weeks. Sessions are coordinated three times a week. Many patients enroll in the maintenance program once they complete Phase II. Patients find their motivation remains high when they continue to work closely with professionals who are aware of the health risks associated with heart disease and who are close at hand during exercise.

Does insurance cover cardiac rehab?

Many insurance companies offer reimbursement for cardiac rehabilitation programs, if the services are prescribed by a physician. Our staff will assist you in obtaining this information from your insurance carrier.

To speak to one of our associates about your coverage, call (502) 350-5425.

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