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Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation Phases
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Cardiac Rehabilitation Phases

Flaget Memorial Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program has three phases.

Phase I: Inpatient Cardiac Rehab

For patients hospitalized with heart disease, Phase 1 of the Flaget Memorial Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program focuses on education. A patient's current heart problems are discussed along with any information needed prior to a cardiac catheterization, if indicated.

Phase II: Early Outpatient Cardiac Rehab

The focus of Phase II is telemetry-monitored exercise sessions and individual teaching. Telemetry monitoring provides a safe environment for exercise and serves as one way to evaluate progress. The heart monitor also provides your physician with information to make adjustments to your medical treatment, if needed.

During Phase II, patients will participate in education on heart disease, nutrition, stress management and lifestyle changes. As patients learn how to reduce cardiac risk factors, they'll also learn how to enhance their own quality of life. We encourage any questions patients or family members have.

Phase III: Maintenance and Prevention

For patients who have completed Phase II, we provide a maintenance program conducted in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. This program is for patients who wish to continue with their lifestyle choices and changes adopted during Phase II.

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