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Skilled Nursing Unit

We are pleased to know that you have chosen Flaget Memorial Hospital Skilled Nursing Unit to continue your treatment.  The Skilled Nursing Unit is a rehabilitation program designed to assist you in getting back home.  Our goal is to help you rehabilitate and return home as soon as possible.  We would like to provide some information to prepare you for your stay on the Skilled Nursing Unit.

  • A nurse, therapist/s, social worker and Activities Director will each meet with you to get to know you better and set goals for your recovery.
  • Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes.  We encourage you to dress each morning to aid in the transition back to community living.
  • The skilled nursing unit offers both physical and occupational therapy services.  Physical therapy will assist you in regaining your strength and mobility while optimizing your recovery from your orthopedic condition.  Occupational therapy will assist you in regaining your independence with self care tasks and maximize your independence with transferring to a bed, chair, or toilet.
  • Activities are provided on the unit.  Participation in activities is a part of the therapy.  Activities help to increase your energy level and keep your spirits up.
  • Your participation in therapy is important to a quick recovery.  Therapy is provided 7 days a week, usually twice a day.  The number of therapy sessions is based on your medical diagnosis.
  • Once you are admitted to the Skilled Nursing Unit, you are no longer considered an acute care hospital patient.  Consequently, the physician will no longer make daily visits.
  • A team meeting is conducted on Wednesdays at 8:30 to discuss patient progress and discharge plans.  We welcome you and your families to attend this meeting.  Please notify the social worker (502.350.5239) if you would like to attend the meeting.  You may also ask your nurse to notify the social worker of interest in attending the team meeting.
  • Your privacy is very important to us.  We will communicate information regarding your care and discharge plans directly to you.  We will also share information with your family upon your request or if your medical condition prevents you from communication with staff.

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