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Hip or Knee Replacement

Medical conditions that can benefit from primary joint replacement of the hip or knee include osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, osteonecrosis, post-traumatic arthritis and other disorders. Revision total joint replacements, which are new joint replacements in patients whose previous implant has failed due to loosening or fracture, also are performed. Specific disorders in young adults, including hip dysplasia, osteonecrosis of the femoral head, post-traumatic non-union and mal-union of the proximal femur, early osteoarthritis, old slipped capital femoral epiphyses and other developmental deformities of the hip and knee, can be evaluated for joint preserving operations. Care for these younger patients is a relatively new and evolving discipline within orthopedics and is a result of studies in the 1980s that indicated most patients with hip arthritis diagnosed later in life had a mild, pre-existing hip deformity.

The joint preservation and reconstruction specialists at Flaget Memorial Hospital offer multidisciplinary care with specialized diagnostic equipment and treatment options, thereby enabling surgeons to treat hip deformities at earlier ages. Surgical services include hip arthroscopy, hip impingement procedures, hip osteotomies, and replacement.

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