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Pelvic Pain

Acute pelvic pain is pain that starts over a short period of time anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. This type of pain is often a warning sign that something is wrong and should be evaluated promptly.  Pelvic pain can be caused by an infection or inflammation.  An infection doesn't have to affect the reproductive organs to cause pelvic pain.  Pain caused by the bladder, bowel, or appendix can produce pain in the pelvic region; diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney or bladder stones, as well as muscle spasms or strains are some examples of non-reproductive causes of pelvic or lower abdominal pain. Other causes of pelvic pain can include pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), vaginal infections, vaginitis, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  All of these require a visit to your healthcare provider who will take a medical history, and do a physical exam which may include diagnostic testing.

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