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About the Diabetes & Nutrition Center

Saint Joseph Diabetes & Nutrition CenterThe Diabetes & Nutrition Center (DNC) established in 1999, provides diabetes education and care improvements and oversight at all three hospitals (Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East, Saint Joseph - Berea and Saint Joseph - Mount Sterling) and the Continuing Care Hospital in Saint Joseph Health System. The outpatient diabetes self-management education program renewed its recognition from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) in 2009. The program has served over 3000 patients since 1999, and continues to find new and innovative strategies to aid patients in their efforts to manage their diabetes or to prevent its development. In 2006, the DTC outpatient service focused on the addition of insulin pump training and troubleshooting, and on expanding  to new locations for better patient access.

Outpatient Diabetes Education is provided at 4 locations: Saint Joseph East, Saint Joseph - Jessamine, Saint Joseph - Berea, and Saint Joseph - Mount Sterling.

From the beginning, the DNC has worked with the nursing staff to help them improve their care of hospitalized patients with diabetes. Efforts that include individual care plan review, staff education, system improvements and physician education are resulting in better outcomes for our patients. An intensive critical care insulin drip has been in use since 2002 and is consistently yielding 98-100% on glucose control Surgical Care Improvement Project measures among cardiac surgery patients. A house wide glucose control protocol revision was just initiated. This protocol is implemented for any patient who has blood glucose levels above 150 mg/dl. Extensive collaboration and education leading up to and during the protocol development resulted in an increase in occurrences of blood glucose levels in the desired range even before the protocol was implemented. Saint Joseph Hospital is also working closely with the Society of Hospital Medicine's GCMI (Glycemic Control Mentoring Implementation) program to provide evidenced based care for inpatient's with blood glucose control issues.

The DNC is an organizational leader in providing community service and outreach. Throughout the year, diabetes educators provide lectures for civic and community clubs and workplace groups.  They participate in health risk screenings are risk awareness fairs throughout the year. For a number of years, the Diabetes & Nutrition Center has provided the largest team and has been the top fundraiser among healthcare organizations in the Lexington Walk for Diabetes, a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.


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