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For Physicians

DNC Inpatient Services:

  • Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist provides quality assurance, blood glucose data collection, policy & procedure review, SCIP measure monitoring, and education for staff and patients
  • Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) provide basic education and glycemic control assistance for SJH and SJE
  • To order inpatient services, 1 to 2 days prior to discharge, write something like: "Consult Diabetes Center for teaching" OR "Consult Diabetes Center for glycemic control assessment" OR "Consult Diabetes Center for insulin administration teaching"
  • BG TARGET is less than 180mg/dL overall - use of sliding scale (correction) insulin alone is NOT recommended; nurses will contact physician if BG's remain >180mg/dL
  • Quality data is collected monthly and reported to quality committees, hospitalists, nursing management as well as physicians.
  • Evidenced based practice is followed as recommended by the ADA (American Diabetes Association) and the AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
  • Inpatient standing orders include:
    • Blood Glucose Control protocol (this just allows for fingerstick blood glucose's(FSBG), A1c, other lab work as needed)
    • Basal Bolus Insulin Initiation Protocol
    • Non-Critical Care IV insulin infusion Protocol
    • Critical Care IV insulin infusion Protocol
    • Hypoglycemia - Severe Protocol
    • DKA/HHS Protocol
    • Insulin Pump Protocol (for use in the hospital)
    • Perioperative Blood Glucose Control Protocol for insulin and non insulin diabetes patients (this is only used thru the outpatient surgery unit)

DNC Outpatient Services: (good for follow up needs after discharge from the hospital)

  • Certified Diabetes Educators (RD and RN) provide a series of 3 classes after an initial assessment session
  • Documentation regarding patient attendance is faxed back to the patient's primary physician
  • To order outpatient services, complete the referral form and fax to 859.313.4390 (central scheduling); if questions please call 859.313.2393
  • Individual sessions and group classes include:
    • Diabetes Basics
    • Consistent Carbohydrate meal planning
    • Blood glucose monitoring
    • Insulin administration
    • Other specific diet instructions as Celiac Disease, etc
    • Gestational Diabetes
  • Most insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid provide coverage for diabetes education. Since coverage varies, patients are encouraged to check their insurance company for benefits.
  • See outpatient referral forms for specific education need: Diabetes Education Referral Form,
    Gestational Referral Form, Nutrition Education Referral Form.



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