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Pregnancy and Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes
During pregnancy, hormone changes occur that affect the way your body uses glucose for energy. In some women this change leads to a type of diabetes called gestational diabetes. In gestational diabetes, it is important to eat a well-balanced diet with a calculated amount of carbohydrates, check your blood glucose as scheduled and to exercise faithfully as your physician instructs you.  During this time, a diabetes educator can provide the support and trainng needed to help you control your blood glucose levels.

Pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes
If you have diabetes and are planning to become pregnant, good blood glucose control before conception and throughout the pregnancy is important to ensuring a safe and healthy outcome. By working with a diabetes educator, you can learn how to control your blood glucose level and get the support you need to stay on course.

Getting the help you need
The Diabetes & Nutrition Center has partnered with several obstetricians to help their patients with gestational or pre-exisitng diabetes. We provide diabetes education and support at the Saint Joseph Hospital campus on Harrodsburg Road and at Saint Joseph East on Richmond Road at Eagle Creek Drive in Lexington. Patients are seen by appointment and are scheduled as quickly as possible.

GDM Dietary History Form
GDM Medical Hx Questionnaire
Introduction to Meal Planning
Never Too Early
Pregnancy Do's & Dont's

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