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Casual Community Service Volunteers

  • Are you interested in a more casual volunteer program?
  • Are you a group looking to do a specific volunteer assignment, such as crafts or snack baskets?
  • Are you an individual interested in making crafts or helping distribute WHALE packets and information?
  • Are you a student that needs to provide a limited amount of community service as a requirement of one of your classes?

If so, we are happy to meet you! Please click on the link below to register as a Casual Community Service Volunteer.  Groups, please have your contact person fill out the registration form.

Casual Community Service Volunteer Registration

Projects (provided links will take you to a photo and description)

Adult Bibs- Provided to patients needing assistance during meal times.

Patient Saddlebags- Provided to patients to store personal items at bedside.

Hug Me Teddy Bears- Used to provide comfort and/or distraction to our young patients and visitors.

Chemotherapy Turbans - Provided to our patients to help keep them warm and fashionable.

Walker Caddy - Provided to patients to store personal items at bedside (smaller than a saddlebag).

No Sew Fleece Blankets - Provided to patients of all ages for warmth and comfort.

Foley Bag Covers - Provided to patients of all ages to cover Foley catheter bags.

Port Pillows  - Provided to patients with chest ports, to cushion seat belts.

Bopper Pillows - Provided to patients to provide additional comfort

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