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EBCE Service

If you are considering an EBCE placement please consult your high school EBCE instructor first. After you and your instructor have decided on a placement at Saint Joseph Hospital or Saint Joseph East, then please follow the instructions below.

Your Goals as an EBCE Student:

  • Learn about careers of interest to the student through hands-on experience
  • Develop respect for themselves as well as others
  • Improve their ability to think independently
  • Practice problem-solving strategies
  • Become active learners and cultivate a thirst for life-long learning
  • Increase awareness of technology and its place in the workplace
  • Develop ability to interact positively with adults
  • Increase awareness of each person's contribution to society
  • Improve communication and team-building skills

To help you reach these goals, Saint Joseph will provide you with a COMBINATION of shadowing opportunities and well as volunteer duties.  The shadowing opportunities give you the chance to OBSERVE, while the volunteer duties give you EXPERIENCE.

Instructions for EBCE Students:

EBCE Students

1. Complete an application:
a. Go to this website
b. Click on the "Start" button
c. Fill out the application and hit "Submit"

2. Complete the online orientation
a. At the same website above, click on "Orientation" on the left hand side of the page.
b. Read the Volunteer Orientation Handbook
c. Complete the following forms: Confidentiality Agreement,Safety Test, Hipaa Test, Service Excellence Agreement, Orientation Checklist, and Federal Laws for Teens Under 18.
d. Click on the link for the "Parent Consent" form. Print the form, sign it and have a parent or guardian sign it.

3. Gather the following paperwork:
a. Go to your school office and ask for a copy of your vaccination records
b. A copy of your last tb test. (If you have not had a tb test within the last year, you will need to get one. Ask your EBCE instructor how to do this)

4. On the first day of your placement, please come to the Volunteer Office. Bring the following items with you.
a. Vaccination Records
b. Tb test result
c. Parent Consent signed by parent or guardian

If you have completed all of the appropriate paperwork and brought all of the items listed in Item 4, we will take you to your service area.

Thank you! We look forward to having you at Saint Joseph!
Jamine Hamner and Gail Berish
Coordinator, Volunteer Services & Program Assistant, Volunteer Services
Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East, Saint Joseph Jessamine

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