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For Physicians

Partner with us because:

  • You remain in charge with our monthly Wound Progress Reports
  • Your patients have access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy to heal their difficult, complicated, or atypical wounds.
  • Your patients receive treatment from our specially trained Wound Healing Center physicians using the latest and most advanced techniques.

Put our track record of success to work for your patients.

Indications for wound care treatment:

Arterial diease Necrotic debris
Diabetic foot ulcers Osteomyelitis
Edema Radiation destruction
Ischemia Soft tissue infection
Malignancy Venous disease

Indication for hyperbaric oxygen treatment:

Actinomycosis Diabetic foot ulcers
Acute peripheral arterial insufficiency Gas gangrene
Acute traumatic peripheral ischemia Osteoradionecrosis
Chronic refractory osteomyelitis  Preparation and Preservation of compromised skin grafts
Crush injuries and suture  Progressive necrotizing infections 
Soft tissue radiation and injury   

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