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Congestive Heart Failure

The Saint Joseph London Heart Failure Disease Management Program provides comprehensive care to help those suffering from heart failure manage the potential debilitating disease, thus improving one's quality of life.

What makes the Heart Failure Disease Management Program unique?

The Saint Joseph London Heart Failure Program understands heart failure and heart failure treatment.  A highly specialized team will work together to provide the best care possible. The team consists of a cardiologist, mid-level practitioner, heart failure nurse, social worker, dietician and pharmacy technician. A certified physician assistant or nurse practitioner provides direct care and coordinates your treatment plan with your primary cardiologist as well as your family doctor.

The program consists of three phases: inpatient, outpatient, and community forums.

Phase I - Inpatient
Saint Joseph London participates in the American Heart Association's (AHA) Get With The Guidelines Program. The AHA's in-hospital quality improvement program is aimed at ensuring every heart failure patient receives the best care possible. By following these guidelines, readmission rates with heart failure and mortality are reduced.

Phase II - Outpatient
Prior to discharge from the hospital, an appointment will be scheduled for the Heart Failure Clinic typically within three to five days. Studies have shown when a patient is re-hospitalized with heart failure, it usually occurs within 30 days, particularly within the first seven days. This is the reason it is so important to keep the follow-up appointment with the Heart Failure Clinic.

In the clinic we will:

  • Review your medications to ensure you receive the appropriate medication and optimal doses
    according to national heart failure treatment guidelines;
  • Address any financial barriers related to obtaining your medicines;
  • Provide education and assistance with lifestyle changes in order to better understand and manage your
  • Provide answers to your questions; and
  • Help you to improve and maintain an optimal quality of life, and minimize the need for hospitalization and emergency department care

Phase III - Community
Saint Joseph London was awarded a Mission and Ministry Grant for Heart Failure. Through this grant a highly qualified specialized heart failure nurse was hired. She is also at the clinic to educate patients and often make home visits to assess your condition. A certified pharmacy tech is available to assist with any medication related needs.

Community Forums in regards to heart failure are routinely held. During the forum, you will learn even more about what heart failure is, what causes it, what the symptoms are and how to prevent it.

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