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Senior Renewal Center
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How does the Center Help?
Seniors Center

How does the Center Help?

The Saint Joseph Senior Renewal Center allows clients to receive an intensive level of treatment without the high cost or inconvenience of inpatient hospitalization. Through a combination of group psychotherapy, individual and family therapy as required, and intensive nursing education, clients gain insight into their illnesses and learn effective ways to cope with their issues. The client may receive treatment from one to eleven hours per week as determined by the physician. The participant may be stepped up or down from one level to the next based upon a thorough evaluation of the individual's unique circumstances.

The Center offers:

  • Individual counseling
  • Individualized group therapy with other senior adults struggling with similar issues
  • Family therapy
  • Regular communication with family members
  • Regular meetings with assigned case managers

A physician supervises the care of each person and can meet one-on-one on a regular basis with each client and involved family members to ensure quality care. Often, special medications are prescribed for treating the specific symptoms of an individual. Clients also receive a nutritious meal each day.


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