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Our Locations

Clinical Specialists and Clinical Educators

We are blessed at Saint Joseph Hospital to have a team of Clinical Specialists that serve our patients and staff by providing guidance on the provision of Evidence Based Practice and Core Measure Compliance to all Clinical Areas. This team acts as resources for all other facilities in the Saint Joseph Health. One of the focuses of their work is bring research to the bedside and getting our staff nurses involved in finding solutions for improvement of care.

Marge McMillan, RN 

Debbie Kitchen, RN Med/Surg
Debbie Griffith, RN Critical Care
Dana Graves, RN Diabetes and Nutrition Center
LouAnn Johnson, RN TeleNeurology

Along with our Clinical Specialists we are also blessed with a very active and outstanding clinical education team. Their work is evident in the expertise of our clinical staff.

Cheryl Watson, RN

Critical Care
Karen Cooper, RN Critical Care
Tracey McFarland, RN Med/Surg
Dana Graves, RN Diabetes and Nutrition Center
Jan Hovecamp, RN Telemetry
Crystal Hackney, RN  Emergency Department


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