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Training Links for Impella® Cardiac Catheter The first time you access this site you will be asked to create a login acct.  

  Excellent Clinical Resource for review of use of the IV Alaris Pumps.
Alaris Website
Aspect's Bispectral IndexTM(BISTM)
technology provides a direct measure of the effects of anesthetics and sedatives on the brain. is a comprehensive resource to address
BIS users' clinical, technical and professional education needs.
Balancing sedation with
bispectral index monitoring
(includes abstract) Olson DM; Gambrell M Nursing,May2005; 35 (5):  Critical Care:32cc1-2 (journal article - case study, pictorial, tracings) ISSN : 0360-4039 CINAHL AN: 2005090111.
The BIS Pocket Guide
Aspect Medical Website
Newly recommended patient-oriented (goal-directed) sedation practices , and the under-recognized problem of long-term cognitive impairment following critical illness.
In addition to overview narratives, the 
website provides many training materials and resources for well-validated neurological monitoring
instruments:Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
PDF printable
Confusion Assessment Method
for the ICU  (CAM-ICU)

Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale (RASS)
CAM-ICU Training Manual PDFPocket Card
Instructional videos:
CAM-ICU/RASS Demonstration
RN Bedside Demonstration
ICU Delirium Website

This Tikosyn Program provides the
information on the treatment of symptomatic atrial
fibrillation and atrial flutter.Tikosyn Video Website
PleurX Pleural Catheter System PleurX® Pleural Catheter Resource Website - VideoPhysician, Clinician and Patient Educ. Site.  

AMT Bridle - a nasal tube retaining
. With it's magnetic retrievalsystem, is a simple resolution to nasal tube pullouts. Video Link
Applied Medical Website - Bridle

Intra-aortic balloon pump  Counterpulsation Device Training Video
Educational Resources

Datascope Website
Intervascular Educational Resources
 Product resources as well as service and support.; online education programs and KCI Express®
KCI's Nurses Page 
Kinetic Concepts, Inc Website  
UpToDate is a Comprehensive evidence-based clinical information resource available to clinicians. Please be aware that this link will not function if you access it from your home or office. Click here to read the FAQs.
Up to Date Website
Cortrak Learning Center - Feeding Tube Placement System - View Video for Review of use of this System used to track your placement . Cortrak Video
Broad array of clinical aids and tools for use in all Clinical Areas on theCritical Care Education Site with special emphasis on Hemodynamic Monitoring. NEW!! Assessing the Septic Patient - TAKE THE SEPSIS CHALLENGE! This site is accessible from both in house devices at SJHS and remote devices
Edwards Lifesciences Website
 Information on Medtronic products and therapies for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
Physician/Nursing Page 
Cardiac Rhythm Management 
Medtronics Pacemaker Video  
Medtronics Website 
Flexi-Seal® FMSis a temporary fecal contain - ment device.

Convatec Website

Covidien Kangaroo Pump Training

Using CONSULT Effectively – Evidence-Based Nursing Monographs

Excellent site for Product review related to Atrium  Chest Drainage systemwith free C.E  Program. 
Pneumostat Chest Drain Valve
Express Mini 500 Drainage System
Atrium Medical

The EKOS® EndoWaveTM Peripheral Infusion System
takes advantage of EKOS® proprietary ultrasound technology to improve the treatment of blood clots in Peripheral Arterial Occlusions (PAO) and Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT). 
Informational Video

Hill Rom eLearning Opportunities: 
Product Training Courses Available:VersaCare® Bed TotalCare® Bed (Classic).To Access the eLearning modules click on the Hill Rom eLearning Link above.Use this link to access a Quick Guideto logging into the Heathstream Site and locating the Hill-Rom Courses.  Once registered you can start and if not complete, come back and complete modules when time permits.  You will get a certificate at completion of each module.   for more informaton on Hill-Rom products: Hill-Rom Website 
To access information from the KODA website click on graphic. Clinical Tool with Organ/Tissue Donor Process.

ZOLL technologies help advance the practice of resuscitation include pacing, defibrillation, circulation, ventilation.
New! Zoll M Series Training Module.
ZOLL Website 

New! Oral Care System from SAGE PRODUCTSTM Q•Care systems contain all the tools you need to provide 24 hours of comprehensive oral care.  This video demonstrates the correct way to set up Q-Care and operate the cleansing and suctioning tools with thumb ports.This video has an audio portion which can be listened to from device with speakers, or read side information as you review the video.  
Sage Products Website

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