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Advanced Clinical Information System (ACIS - PowerChart, FirstNet, PACS)

The ACIS system or Advanced Clinical Information System, consists of PowerChart for Physicians and Physician Extenders and Office Staff and FirstNet for ED Physicians.  This software is available for viewing SJH, SJE, SJB, SJJ and CCH patients from the hospital, office and home via a secure internet connection.  This system features access to Patient Lists, Results, Face Sheets, Transcribed Reports (H&P, Discharge Summary, etc.) and PACS Radiology images and Vital Signs.  Also, following discharge, the patient's medical record is scanned into PowerChart allowing full access to the EMR as well as enabling electronic signature for our Physicians. 

IT Physician Hotline to streamline support for IT-related issues - Please call 859.361.2851    

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