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Commonwealth Credentialing a service of the Lexington Medical Society

Commonwealth Credentialing officially began processing initial applications for Saint Joseph hospitals on May 17, 1999. The alignment of each facility with the Centralized Verification Organization (CVO) produces a collaborative relationship aimed at eliminating duplicative credentialing for our local physicians. By shifting the credentialing verification out of each facility and into the CVO, the bureaucracy for physicians is minimized. Physicians who otherwise would be required to complete a separate application for each facility instead complete only one. The administrative burden on both the participating healthcare facility as well as the practitioner being credentialed is significantly reduced.

Commonwealth Credentialing also processes the reappointment applications for the above named facilities.

How Does the Credentialing Process Work?

  • Commonwealth Credentialing (CVO) sends the applicant a pre-application to be completed and returned to the CVO.
  • The pre-application is faxed to the facility(s) where the applicant is requesting privileges.
  • The facility(s) approves or denies the pre-application. If approval is given, the CVO sends the applicant an initial application packet.
  • Once the completed application is returned by the applicant, along with all the required attachments and documentation, the CVO begins processing the application. Processing takes up to 90 DAYS to complete and includes primary source verifications as follow:
    • A verification letter, along with an evaluation form and delineation of privileges form is sent to all post-graduate training institutions, professional affiliations and peer references.
    • Verification forms are sent to the medical school and to professional liability insurers for the past five years.
    • Queries of applicable state medical boards, ABMS or AOA, NPDB, OIG and GSA are performed.
  • After all primary sources have responded, a QA review is performed by the CVO on the applicant’s file. Once the file passes the QA review, it is delivered electronically to the appropriate healthcare facility(s).
  • After the healthcare facility(s) receives the file, the file is reviewed and prepared for presentation to the appropriate hospital committees. (Please note that completing an application does not guarantee that any or all of the facilities will process your application.) Each facility has its own privileging process, which will take additional time. You will be notified by the respective facilities regarding membership and/or clinical privileges.

What about reappointment?

It is a JCAHO requirement that every physician be reappointed at least every 24 months. All facilities that are accredited by JCAHO must comply with this requirement.

On a community-wide schedule as shown below,Commonwealth Credentialing receives a list of physicians for reappointment from each facility. When it is time for a physician to apply for reappointment, s/he will receive a reappointment application along with a letter outlining what additional documentation is required for reappointment.

Each facility reappoints practitioners in accordance with an alphabetical schedule set for the reappointment cycle. Applications are mailed from the CVO according to the first letter of your last name:





B  August   M



 October   N/O  September


  P/Q  November
F  January   R



 February   S


 H April    T/U/V April


  W/X/Y/Z  May

Upon receipt, you will have 30 days in order to complete the reappointment application and return it along with the required attachments and documentation. Because we are on a schedule, the application is time-sensitive. Returning a complete application in a timely manner is vital in order to maintain your medical staff membership and/or clinical privileges.

Tips for Credentialing:

  1. Apply Early - Keep in mind that it will take up to 90 days for the CVO to process your application. Each healthcare facility will take additional time to process the application internally. Applying early will best assure that your credentialing will be complete before you are ready to begin practice.
  2. Be Detailed - Complete all areas of the application, paying very close attention to detail. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant for completion. Applications will not be processed until a complete application, along with all required attachments and documentation, is received. Remember, the process will be expedited if contact information, including accurate mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are provided.
  3. Be Prepared to Help - The first rule of credentialing is to place the burden of proof on the applicant. In order to expedite the process, you may be asked to assist when, after several attempts, the CVO is unable to obtain a response from a primary source.
  4. Be Patient - Credentialing verification is a very involved, detailed and time-intensive process with all verifications requiring written responses. Remember, the credentialing verification process will take up to 90 days with the CVO. Once your application has been processed, it will be forwarded to the appropriate local healthcare facilities. Each facility will prepare the application for presentation to its committee(s), which will take additional time. After the verification process has been completed by the CVO, please contact the applicable hospital(s) for information regarding your credentialing.
  5. Other Helpful Links: The new KASPER form is now available to fill out online.  This site also includes the KASPER form for new appoinments and reappointments as well as the Pre-Application form.  Access the KASPER form here.

Contacting Commonwealth Credentialing
2628 Wilhite Court, Suite 201
Lexington, KY 40503
fax: 859.277.3919

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